Bottle 2 Build Initiative


Unemployment, crime, poverty, HIV/AIDS, are some of the issues we constantly have to battle with as a country, however I feel that the worst of any of these is the quality of education in rural areas. Nothing is more powerful than an informed mind, and the conditions in which some of these kids residing in rural areas have to endure, makes it impossible for them to enjoy the benefits of education.
Poverty stricken households are usually managed on social grants and minimum wage, which in most cases only covers the basics. Most kids living under such conditions suffer when coming to the level of education in their schools, of which a large majority of them are even lucky if they have a school premises where they can take classes, as infrastructure is a huge challenge. The government is trying in terms of improving the living conditions in such areas, but if they have to start with solving issues of sanitation, energy and water supply, things such as building schools usually are put aside.
Bottle 2 Build is an initiative that is focused on addressing the issues of infrastructure pertaining to classrooms. They have so far built over 45 classrooms in South Africa and aim to expand and build even more moving forward. It is quite an unusual concept, building classrooms out of recycled plastic bottles is definitely not something you see everyday, however it is a sustainable and cost efficient model that can help us solve this issue. The bottles are made out of PET plastic into a modular shape, which are interconnected and then placed into a steel frame that forms one classroom. The bottles are multi-functional, as they are used as beverages and when used up turn into low cost building materials.
Bottle 2 Build has a number of collection partners, which help them to collect the bottles these include; schools, retails stores, corporates such as The Innovation Hub, which to date has collected over 125000 bottles, being a front-runner in this category.
Social transformation is largely dependant on us working together to make sure that such initiatives are a success. Bottle 2 Build is a project that not only empowers underprivileged communities but also allows us as the general public to make a contribution, and it also serves as a green tech initiative in terms of utilising recycled bottles.
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