The world’s first electronic nose to combat food poisoning


Have you ever took the plunge and ate leftovers which you soon regretted? One doesn’t need to risk it anymore, with the smart gadget that will help you decide if it’s time to bin it or eat it. The FOODsniffer is the world’s first handheld mobile device, which determines the freshness of your food by ‘smelling’ it!
Your food can get spoilt in various ways and simply relying on the use-by-date won’t necessarily avoid upset stomach incidents or even worse, food poisoning. The omnipresence of bacteria and the battle of keeping meat at a right temperature becomes tricky during processing; transportation and storage which shortens the period of freshness of meat four times faster in any given circumstances.
The gadget, dubbed the ‘eNose’, allows the user to avoid awful consequences such as food poisoning, which has certainly victimised many during December festivities. You can find out if your meat, pork, fish or poultry is fresh, starting to spoil or completely spoilt by placing the FOODsniffer near the meat where it’ll pick up the temperature, humidity, ammonia and other potentially dangerous organic compounds present in food. Once the eNose is wirelessly connected to the app on your phone, the bio-organic test will tell you if it’s good to eat.
After falling ill from food poisoning, the founder of FOODsniffer, Augustas Alesiunas, decided to create a gadget that will help families quickly and easily check the freshness and quality of food. The device is small enough to pack in a bag when going grocery shopping so that you know the freshness of your meat before purchasing.
The device was made to help anyone who has invested in their health, through nutrition and of those of their loved ones, to conveniently check the freshness of what they are about to eat or offer others. The FOODsniffers will officially be launched in March.