Silulo Technologies aims to inspire and educate through technology


Despite several developments South Africa has had over the past decade, unemployment remains an issue that still needs attention. With over 5 million South Africans unemployed the alarming rate of unemployment in the country is a crisis, which emphasises the need for structural reform in our economy. This was the driving force behind the establishment of Silulo Technologies, an IT training company, which pioneers technology in rural communities to increase the lack of IT services and digital knowledge and in turn improving employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in these areas.
The IT training company revolves around the following driving concepts; technology, empowerment and education, they strive to train people from disadvantaged backgrounds in 40 one-stop shops countrywide. Students follow a six-month course in IT skills which enables them to gain job opportunities in the field or run businesses in their communities, which will introduce the concepts to their townships.
Silulo Technologies integrate devices like tablets into their training programme so that the learners are exposed to the current technology being used in the workplace. Soon, the company will provide training in e-commerce and coding in their programmes, with the aim to expand the communities’ exposure to the ITC industry.
The company has partnered with well-known corporations such as Vodacom and Microsoft where job seekers are referred to. By being able to identify the niche in townships around the country, the founder of Silulo Technologies, Luvuyo Rani, who is also the award winner of the 2016 Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur of the Year, has been able to employ over 170 people in their various branches. The company started off as an internet café and has now grown into a company, which is driving the ICT knowledge within South African townships. In the past 10 years that Silulo Technologies has been operating, it has been offering computer, phone sales and repairs; web development; CV creation; printing; scanning; faxing; binding; lamination; typing of letters and computer training courses, which 5000 people have graduated from.
Luvuyo Rani says that the training provided has greatly enhanced the possibility of employment, while some graduates become inspired to study further, and about 10% go on to start their own small business. Such stories give us hope that South Africa will gradually improve its employment and entrepreneurship rates over the years with social entrepreneurs like Luvuyo.