Raging Bull Awards 2017


The Raging Bull Awards were held on 25 January 2017, an event which focuses on honouring the managers of funds that consistently earn good returns for South African investors. Together with Personal Finance, ProfileData, and PlexCrown Fund Ratings, the event has been announcing the best performing financial managers in South Africa retail investing for 21 years.
More than 300 representatives of leading unit trust companies, boutique managers, financial services regulators and investment industry bodies attend the annual event.
Eight awards are given to the top-performing funds in the unit trust sectors that attract the most money from investors; these funds include foreign-domiciled funds that have been approved by the Financial Services Board (FSB) as suitable for South African investors.
Allan Gray won its 5th prestigious award of “South African Management Company of the Year in 2016”, which was a great comeback from 2014’s fifth place.
Investec Asset Management had a splendid evening, winning an award for top outright performance over 21 years by a local equity general fund and also the award for the best risk-adjusted performance over 21 years by a local multi-asset equity fund.
Nedgroup Investments scooped the award for best Offshore Management Company in 2016 and came in third place, for the best domestic management company, while PSG came in second place.
The awards took place in Johannesburg, South Africa.