Harvard elects its first black female president


Today, we as Africans wake up to the news that another African has broken new boundaries and has achieved the impossible. The journey of African women or a black woman is always a story told with much pain, suffering and struggle. However, we are changing the storyline and rising above.
It’s a great day to spread the good news, as we have learned that Nigerian student Imelme Umana, has been nominated, President. It has taken Harvard 130 years to achieve this feat and it couldn’t have come at a better time.
Imelme is a Ph.D. candidate student, who is “interested in the intersection between government and African American studies by exploring how stereotypes of black women are reproduced and reinforced in American political discourse,” reported by Clutch.
This is another major win for Africans and women around the world, who can come together and celebrate with her. I am sure Imelme has a huge support at Harvard and classmates who will vote for to take the seat. This is great news for us, all the best to Imelme Umana. Africa is proud! We still have a long to go in teaching women and inspiring women that we are equally important, equally intelligent, and equally capable of leading a nation.