The Anxious Entrepreneur – Tiisetso Maloma


“Entrepreneurship is one of the toughest careers in the world a person can follow. It can get severely stressing, especially when things are not going according to plan – which is probably most of the time.”

It’s not often, where you encounter an entrepreneur who is vocal about their failures, rejections and most all moments that may have been bitterly humiliating. Everybody loves a great come up story, but what if we opened the door to make entrepreneurs feel safe enough to express their shortcomings and offer solutions to where some have been able to see a light.

Tiisetso Maloma has recently written a book called “The Anxious Entrepreneur”, which deals with the social issues of what does one do when encountered with so much rejection, defeat and anxiety to a point where they feel hopeless and uninspired to continue. What do you do in those moments of sheer solitude?
Tiisetso, through his writing, takes us on a journey of self-reflection, how he felt in those moments but offers distinct tools on how to counteract those emotions and ensures that your energy, mental state and creativity are aligned. He states the following steps in his book;
– Start the day with personal achievement activities
– Escape frustration tasks
– Other people’s energies

Through a research study entitled, “Are Entrepreneurs Touched with Fire”, by Dr Michael Freeman, surveyed 242 entrepreneurs; 174 (72%) of them had mental health concerns, 118 (49%) had one or more lifelong mental health condition and 13 (5.4%) of them were suicidal – the numbers are rounded off.”
“In contrast to entrepreneurs, the world’s lifetime depression prevalence, as measured by the World Health Organization, ranges from 3% to 17%”, Tiisetso further says.

“Anxiety invades our productivity and therefore our goals. All it takes is to not see progress in a day, then a week or a month. The next thing you know, you are standing at the peak of the highest anxiety hill, depressingly recalling your record of failures and doubting your future.” – Tiisetso Maloma
This is Tiisetso’s fourth book and has previously written extensively on subjects such Entrepreneurship, creativity, anxiety, marketing and self-improvement. Be sure to get a copy of his latest book “The Anxious Entrepreneur” or connect with him on his blog