A wearable translator with just one touch – “ili”


Every one of us has a great sense of adventure and wanderlust burning inside us, more of us jump without hesitation at the opportunity of travelling as soon as we experience a bit of itchy feet. Imagine a world of travel with seamless communication, with just a touch of a button? This little gadget maybe just for you!

Introducing “ili” a smart, sophisticated wearable translator, it looks like a USB flash drive that works without the internet or cellular connection. It sounds too good to be true but it’s already developed and ready for purchase. You could be anywhere in the world, in the middle of a remote town and you could still find your back home, with just a few simple words.

The ili device has an all in one processor, this allows for speech to text conversion simultaneously capturing audio data. It optimizes translations from a database and its streaming engine has a rapid response time of 0.2 seconds. Additional features were integrated into its compact design, which comes with two-directional microphones that offer noise cancelling effects.

The relevance and innovation behind this product becomes more apparent in its marketing strategy, when you see a video of two friends on holiday in Tokyo, or a young woman in the middle of a busy farmers market in China needing to find out how the purchase a ticket or even explain what you don’t want in a meal. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find someone who can speak the same language in a foreign country.

Logbar, the company that created ili promises that the gadget will eventually be able to translate to French, Thai, Korean, Spanish, Italian and Arabic. The current languages offered on the device translate between English, Chinese and Japanese.
You are now able to purchase it by logging onto the Logbar website iamili.com this is a great concept for any traveller that wanders around the world, it would also be great to hear some African languages incorporated onto the device.