We are Nunnovators – Meet the team


Week in and week out we provide you with intriguing articles, close off awesome deals, empower thousands across the African continent and inspire through our various departments such as; media, empowerment, advisory, assurance and thought leadership. It’s time you get to know the team behind this reputable publication. Meet Lo’ the creative guru of the organisation!

FULL NAME: Molebatsi Louw, but Lo’ does it for us.

What are your favourite colours as a designer and why?

It used to be black and white because I felt they are the simplest and least complicated. Recently, though, I’ve been gravitating to more comfortable colour palettes and I view colours as a group, e.g. a beige next to an olive and chocolate brown… and I view all three as one unit.

What’s your spirit animal?
A grizzly bear has been compared to me a lot, which kind of makes sense in that I only react when provoked or threatened. I might also come across as mean looking whereas I think I’m very chilled out if you get to know me.

What’s the best book you’ve read?
Best book I’ve read… hmm. Since I’ve overcome my bad habit of not completely finishing books I read, I’d probably say one of my favourites was “A Hustler’s Bible” by Gayton McKenzie, I think it taught me a lot about the importance of pushing and taking opportunities.

Who or which company would you love to work with one day?
I would love to work alongside Kanye West; I don’t care what people say about him but I look up to that man, I’m a designer after all. A company I’d love to work with would definitely be Mercedes-Benz! Being a designer for them and only driving their cars would make my life! LOL!

So far, what’s been your best moment at Nunnovation Africa foundation?
Best moment at Nunnovation to date would be the Telkom camp we attended as a team in December of 2016, where I was one of the mentors to a group of high school kids, who were in the program that teaches them how to code.

What could be your favourite cartoon character?
I’ll pick from the cartoons I’ve seen recently that I watch. It definitely has to be Benson from The Regular Show, he’s such a grumpy man who is constantly yelling and threatening to fire his gumball machine and you can actually hear them moving when he moves his head LOL  !!!

If you could be someone else who would it be?
If he was still alive I’d choose to be Steve Jobs for a day, just to understand how his thought process was and how he came up with the solutions to the design world and so much more.