The Book Encouraging Change In Africa, The Convergence of Nations, by Jean-Claude de Morais


The African Entrepreneur, Investor and Innovation Influencer, Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais, has recently announced that the additional editions to his sought after book, The Convergence of Nations, have been released in English, Portuguese and French.
The Convergence of Nations is a concise book about Africa reflecting on the most relevant issues, from human capital to financial capital, from social infrastructure to physical infrastructure, from dreams to pathways. The book is a compilation of various authors who highlight Africa’s potential to profit from globalisation and securing lasting strategic growth.

The book has been commended by various African decision-makers like Linah K. Mohohlo, the Governor of Bank of Botswana who stated that the book provides an invaluable new vista for the continent’s future prosperity. The book captures the fundamental imperatives needed to drive Africa’s development like Africa’s inclusive socio-economic transformation requiring the convergence of international ideas, resources and shared vision.

The book explains that, by embracing globalisation, Africa would be able to use the opportunities of cross-border flows of capital, ideas and technology to achieve progress in areas ranging from agriculture, mining, infrastructure, energy, public services and manufacturing. The challenges faced by the continent like diseases, terrorist conflicts and corruptions are highlighted in The Convergence of Nations, together with demographic dividends within the continent. It sets down new precepts for ‘African capitalism’: open to global investment, establishing its own economic practices based on best international ideas, and generating inclusive growth that genuinely benefits African societies.

With The Convergence of Nations released in the three mentioned languages, Jean-Claude will be able to expand the discussion around the key areas highlighted in the book to a wider audience globally and in Africa. Jean-Claude says, “I am determined to deliver innovation and creativity; operating as a positive contributor to Africa’s success narratives and supporting the wider development agenda. This book aims to make a far-reaching dissection of the continent’s burgeoning success narrative. I am grateful to the group of important writers, without whom, we would not have been able to compile such a thoughtful analysis of Africa’s opportunities”

Jean–Claude Bastos de Morais is the Quantum Global Founder and Group CEO, an African-focused investment firm targeting transformative industries in Africa for strong developmental outcomes, as well as an Advisory Board member for Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF) an independent think tank for central banking, economic policy and public investment. He is a keen African influence with a deep interest in the continent’s socio-economic development. At the core of his innovation-related work is the African Innovation Foundation (AIF), an organization he founded in 2009 to drive African-led development through fostering innovation.