We are Nunnovators – Meet Kagiso


The Nunnovation digital magazine is a platform within the foundation that is deliberately positioned to capture positive news, inform the citizens of Africa and the world about great things happening in our communities, celebrate excellence, recognize and offer a balanced perspective to societal issues. Meet Kagiso, our Media Officer! Kagiso ensures we keep our renowned work current, ground-breaking and influential to the masses, with over 40 000 followers both on Twitter and Facebook, thousands of visits on our online magazine and the team trotting the globe to cover world class events.

FULL NAME: Kagiso Kola aka “Kola” I don’t really have a nickname as such.

Who’s your favourite innovator and why?
Yoh yoh yoh…. Favourite? Like I can only choose one? Uhmm…
I can’t really say there’s only one innovator I admire, I admire all of them, to be honest especially the innovators who have made such an impact in our lives in terms of Healthcare, services, education. That means there was someone just like you and me you strived day and night to make our lives better. To me that’s mind-blowing.

What’s your favourite quote?
“To love a person is to learn the song that is in their heart and sing it to them when they have forgotten it.” Arne Garborg

What’s your spirit animal and why?
Hmm spirit animal? It’s a Cheetah so I can sprint as fast as I can away from BS [laughs] just kidding.
I absolutely love Gorillas; they are big and menacing at face value but they are such calm, reserved and self-assured animals, who protect and nurture their own. Their reclusive ways also resonate in me, like more than a little bit.

Best book you’ve read?
Wow wow wow, I’d say Small Miracles, it was this small tattered book I found in storage, which had short stories about how God had blessed them in small but astonishing miracles that greatly impacted their lives. I must have read that book a million times, it was inspiring and reminded me to be grateful for my own small victories. In God we trust!

What/which is your favourite movie/cartoon character?
No ways this I can’t choose one, I have so many! Ok let me narrow it down;
“Closer”, “Man on fire” “Catch me if you can” and “Set if off” Just note that this is not my final answer, it is subject to change.
Cartoons; growing up I absolutely loved Tom and Jerry, I feel as though they should be growing old along with me.
Sharky and George the crime busters of the sea, Sharky and George we will solve your mystery! [Laughs] Another fave.
Lastly, I’d say Olive from Popeye; I mean which girl wouldn’t want to be loved like THAT! What?!
Ok ok ok I’m done. Wait I have two more:
Pink Panther and Snagglepuss my old time greats! “One second to exit stage right”

If you could be someone else who would it be?
Maybe I’m crazy, but I think I’d choose my Grandmother. When she speaks of her childhood (Circa. the 1930s) oh man, there is this sheer joy in her eyes about how beautiful the farms were and how peaceful and joyful it was to be child outside playing. But besides her I’d actually want to be Coco Chanel she can be herself still, I just want an intimate grasp of her life. She fascinates me as a person.

Who would you love to work with one day?
I’d love to work with Viktor and Rolf, Virgil Abloh and Renzo Rosso and a Chef that’s just passionate about food and flavours. Oh oh and a Sommelier, travel with him/her as well. Let’s make it both, a Chef and a Sommelier. Yes!

What’s your biggest/most favourite accomplishment?
I summited a 2,455m Mountain in the Golden Gate Highlands, to put that into perspective, that’s higher than Table Mountain. That’s for pansies [laughs] I plan on climbing more.
Hey look at me, I finally answered with just one thing. [laughs]

What’s your weirdest talent?
I don’t know, why you would ask me that, I mean I could possibly find this normal and absolutely great to have this specific talent.
I’m great at tunning out loud noises; I have a tendency to look at people without opting to hear a word. I lie; this is totally a super power! [Laughs]

Best moment at Nunnovation?
This is so easy, I finally meeting people crazier than me. I am normal.

Write a short biography:
She lived. With a great appetite for more. The end.