Excellence In Training & Development Award comes to South Africa


The world recognises and awards South Africa’s youth training and development NPC for excellence in Training & Development

Through innovation intervention programmes, Nunnovation Africa Foundation (NAF) has empowered over 600 hundred unemployed youth who now play significant roles in boosting the South African economy through the City of Johannesburg Educating Digital Intern (COJEDI) programme. NAF has also successfully established programmes such as the #WeInnovate, which has reached over 600 000 youth in rural communities. Reaching such impressive milestones caught the eye of the judges at the 4th Annual World Human Resource Development Congress (WHRDC), held this year in Mumbai, India.

Nunnovation Africa Foundation through Khathu Mashau, Foundation Chairman, was awarded the honour of being in the top 100 Global Leaders in Training and Development by the World Human Resource Development Congress. “It has been an absolute honour to have been recognised by the peers and competitors globally for the little contribution we are making on the continent. It’s been over 10years since I first had an opportunity to serve the local communities by steering the development of the youth in rural communities through innovative entrepreneurship,” says Khathu Mashau.

This award recognises the best practitioners in the world who play a significant impact on their communities and the continent. The WHRDC interviews all stakeholders within a programme including beneficiaries within the value chain of such development and then a committee selects the most impactful programmes. They further review the performance of the drivers behind the development, evaluating their long-term performance, credibility and success rate, which NAF through their milestones have successfully achieved, one being that this is the only programme in Africa to be awarded this honour.

Innovatively empowering the youth of South Africa through training and development
Mr. Mashau and the NAF team is credited with conceptualising the establishment of a Construction Supplier Park, which is being implemented in partnership with South African Mining house Sibanye Gold, The Department of Small Business Development and the WestRand District Municipality. The incubation programme will see over 20 manufacturing entrepreneurs produce and supply material to be used in the construction sector. “This is a programme that is aimed at helping South African Entrepreneurs to play a significant role in the construction sector and disrupt existing monopoly in the sector value chain” Khathu Mashau.
Nunnovation Africa Foundation is currently providing coding programmes for High school students in Partnership with Telkom Foundation.

Nunnovation Africa Foundation is one to watch as all their innovative milestones have come in just over two years of inception, proving that much more needs to be done in training and developing South Africa’s youth.

About Nunnovation Africa Foundation:
Nunnovation Africa Foundation is a globally reputable Non-Profit Company, based in Centurion, South Africa. Founded by Khathu Mashau and Ngwako Ramohlale, NAF has been informing thousands globally about innovation and empowering various people all over the continent for over two years. The NPO focuses on Media, Empowerment, and Thought Leadership which are based on the founding principles, informing; educating, and Inspiring.
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