Voice-Controlled devices that cater to your outspoken needs


As modern innovations develop to be more intuitive and interactive, people have gained the ability of using their voices to lead so much more changes. In the past, people battled to have the mere right to voice their opinions and share their thoughts, which restricted several developments in all industries across the board. Today, manufacturers create voice-activated devices for everyday usage, which not only make life more convenient, but truly symbolize the greatness of the human right we have gained and enjoyed over the years in industries such as social media.
We chose our favourite voice-controlled gadgets to share with you this week, which would assist anyone with their daily routines.

Amazon Echo
Activated with a unique password, Echo assists with the operations of your home. Echo will control the lights, fans, thermostats, automated doors like the garage door sprinklers, locks with apps like WeMo or Samsung SmartThings with just verbal orders from you! You can ask about the weather, dictate shopping lists, receive the latest updates on news, stocks and anything you’d traditionally ask on Google. With its ability to fill the room with immersive omnipresent audio, it plays your music, hears your voice from across the room, reads audiobooks from Audible and also provides sports scores and schedules! Oh, and you can order food or get an Uber driver with this smart gadget as well, probably my favourite on this list!

Vocca Light
This light switch enables any light bulb to function as a voice-activated one! So, no more rummaging in the dark looking for the switch. The Vocca Light works with a mobile app which manages your light bulbs, which means you can schedule your lights on and off and also control them with your voice. The Plug & Play Voice Activated Bulb Adapter needs no Wi-Fi, setup, or installation! Give your voice the power and control this, sometimes inconvenient task, anywhere up to 15 ft away from the light bulb!

Moto Hint
Remember our article on Motorola’s comeback? Well, there’s more. This gadget from Motorola is a discreet wireless earbud which allows you to control your phone through voice-activation. There’s no need to take your phone out your bag or pocket as its enhanced audio and ear gel design gives you comfortable control of your phone and long talk times with great sound. It is easily paired with any Android or iOS for all to enjoy voice control!

Girl Tech Password Journal 8
For the tech savvy girls who still embrace their girly side, this gadget will meet both their tech and girl needs. The Girl Tech Password Journal 8 is a safe and pretty outlet to vent their thoughts, opinions and diarise their special secrets. It also stores prized belongings like important documents and provides the utmost privacy and protection. The diary keeps secrets better than the traditional key-lock diary which many siblings have savagely forced open with the smart intruder alert feature. Activated by the owner’s voice, the diary opens when the password is said out loud and comes with an invisible-ink pen to keep things TOP SECRET! This diary doesn’t just protect young girls’ secrets and thoughts but also encourages self-expressions and creativity. How innovatively cute?!

Dragon Drive
There has been a great progression in the manner we interact with cars lately, this time, venturing more into connectivity advancement. This device allows the driver to compose emails while driving! Multitasking has gone to a whole new level! With both hands on the wheel, the driver can dictate messages and emails on the road, rushing to the office or while stuck in traffic! The Dragon Drive uses the Nuance Automotive Assistant system to operate these functions and personalise the device to suit the driver’s needs. Our busy lives are gradually being improved right?
With technology and gadgets like these, our voices can be heard on new levels. With stepping into such advancements, thanks to small things like the right to freedom of speech, who knows what we could achieve next! Face timing aliens perhaps?