Exercise you right to safety with Nimb


As the month of human rights in South Africa comes to an end, I find it quite relevant to discuss a human right which is of paramount importance to us all in its various forms – the right to safety. The world is, sadly, an all too dangerous place. From robbery, abuse, terrorist attacks and even cyber attacks, we constantly find ourselves defending ourselves and loved ones from the threats we face daily.
Fortunately, technology has provided us with various tools to combat these dangers and seek help more efficiently, like today’s chosen gadget, the Nimb ring!

Nimb is a chic looking ring which can notify friends, family and emergency services when one is in trouble!
Co-founder of Nimb, Kathy Ramu was brutally attacked seventeen years ago not far from a police station. Despite the severe injuries, she luckily managed to call out for help. This experience made Kathy realise the need for a gadget like Nimb.

Nimb has a concealed button which you press and hold for three seconds when in need of help. The alert which consists of your location and profile is sent out to pre-set responders which could be family, friends, first response team or people nearby. The ring works through a mobile app, which allows you to choose your Safety Circle.

The ring works with almost any outfit and is made of high quality glossy metal and matt plastic. All the materials are hypoallergenic. With a battery life of up to 2 weeks, you can manage charging times convenient for you so you can rock this gem all day and night. Nimb can easily become a reliable everyday companion to you and your loved ones and improves quality of life.

So what happens if you accidentally send an alert out? Firstly, it’s pretty hard to send out alerts unintentionally with the recessed button coordinated with the timer and the concealing design of the button, but if such a mistake were to happen, you can cancel the alert within the first 20 seconds it was sent out on the app. If the alert was intentional, you might need reassurance because emergencies can be scary, but luckily, Nimb provides vibration feedback to let you know that a message has gone out and help is on the way. Whether you’re in trouble, experiencing a health issue or being attacked, Nimb is there to call for help when you need it most.
The water and dust resistant ring uses the mobile app and Bluetooth to operate, where you can manage your list of alert receivers which can include law enforcement agencies, local authorities and private security organisations as well. The user can pre-set an option when the alert is available for passers by and/or members of communities who have our application installed and volunteered to provide help.

You have the option to make the alerts a push notification in the app, text message, a call, an email or a vibration signal to the ring or a combination thereof.

This gadget is certainly smart and will probably do well in the safety/security market because only with a ring you can send an alert quickly and quietly, even if both of your hands’ movements are immobilized or restricted.
What useful jewellery! The founders of Nimb plan to have the next version of the ring to be completely independent from smartphones. Until then, we hope that the world sees the need for this device for every individual who’s exposed to risky situations and help fund this startup through Kick-starter.