The Rolltop Laptop brings new meaning to the word portable


It’s not enough that we have portable cell phone screens and iPad that in an instant double up as functioning, microcomputers. Everything we know about technology has infinite changes in every moment of our lives and if you live on the go and constantly has to worry about travelling with your laptop, in a laptop bag. This might be the new gadget for you.

The Rolltop is a product still in the development concept, however, with the IT specialists being inundated with a number of people requesting the product, they have decided to run with this project and start the process of manufacturing it.

Display Feature:
The Rolltop in its carrying mode is 8cm in diameter and 28cm in length. This is a fully functioning laptop computer with an OLED Display technology and multi-touch screen, all this with just the weight of a mini-notebook screen. The screen is 13inches in size, which easily transforms into a graphics tablet, additionally, with its 17-inch flat screen, it can double as a monitor due to the support attached to the back of the screen.
The technology of the Rolltop is that it is innovatively designed away from the traditional book format of laptops. The Rolltop is an unfurling and convolving laptop, that aims to incorporate the latest hi-tech devices and brand new design techniques into a computer. Never mind all the tech terminology the laptop includes, best thing ever is that it doesn’t need a laptop bag.

When you unfold the Rolltop, it comes fully packed with a flat-board if you need to type, a base which doubles as a speaker, webcam that is also attached to a holding belt that also doubles as an electric cable for power supply. Other integrated design features include ports, a penholder for when you transform into a tablet, a docking base underneath the flat-board that comes with its own catch.

I think it’s clear at this point, how fully functional this device is and how every tool has been carefully implemented in the design process. Nothing has been left to the imagination, even better you don’t need to purchase any extras. This team of innovators consist of IT specialists, design and business administration so no detail has been left unturned.

If you would for further information about the product as well as possible investor enquiries. Please contact or