Farmerline Adding The Innovative Touch To Agriculture


Africa is a continent full of many resources from gold, platinum, diamonds, oil as well as one of the greatest climates for cultivating the most lustrous crops. Ghana is one of the African countries with a promising agriculture sector but many of their farmers lack information about farming techniques and market prices. Farmerline is helping Ghanaian farmers with this issue through their innovative solutions.

Farmerline bridges the information gap through mobile technology and their services, helping many farmers with limited knowledge about the industry. The products and service lines offered by Farmerline are namely outbound messaging; mobile surveys; weather forecast; development and software development and much more.

Outbound messaging provides personalised voice alerts that communicate critical information related to price, weather and farming techniques. Mobile surveys allow farmer-based organisations to conduct surveys to capture the impact of their interventions and these the product offered by Farmerline provide farmers access to expert advice.

Weather forecast provides farmers reliable daily information on weather forecast and climate information to the farmer’s targeted audience. This communication is achieved through the messaging platform where users can send location specific weather forecast to famers in real time in any local language.

Farmerline also develops web and mobile apps where organisations can collect data and have all relevant high quality features needed to inform others about the organisation. While their project administration and monitoring services help farmers with revising content on best agronomic and postharvest handling tips, bookkeeping and financial tips onto the platform for easy and timely broadcasting to the project beneficiaries.
Agriculture is one of Ghana’s key sectors, contributing 22% to the country’s gross domestic product and employing 42% of its workers. With an average farm size of about 1.2 hectares, most farmers in Ghana are small-scale.

Farmerline’s services solve the several issues faced by farmers like high and low yield post-harvest losses and lack of extension agents for farmers in Ghana.All of the company’s services are offered via SMS, and Android as well as voice-based messaging service to help reach farmers with low literacy levels. Furthermore, all content is provided in local languages.

By offering these mobile-based services, Farmerline provides critical market information to Ghana’s small-scale farmers, which helps them increase their yields by adopting improved farming practices. The company’s customers, many of whom are women, ultimately benefit from increased income.
Soon, Farmerline will impact farmers throughout West Africa, changing the game in Africa’s agriculture, empowering small-scale farmers in Africa with access to vital information that will improve both their harvest and income.