Smart glass, changing glass to the extreme.


Glass, a common object we live to see every day be it at the office, in the car, showers, or even your backyard window, until now! Glass is formed by a fusion of lime, potash and silica at high temperature.

What if you could achieve privacy with just the flick of a switch? Now you can, with smart glass or better yet known as switchable glass which illuminates the environment through creating multifunctional spaces in response to external stimuli.

Smart glass can be used in either partition screens, windows, doors, roof-lights, security and so forth, to serve as an excellent HD projection screen. Another cool feature about this glass is that it can be used in residential and commercial buildings alike, through the application of an electrical current causing the glass to change from opaque to clear in less than 0.01 seconds and back, mind blowing! This transparency can be done either through a remote control, wall switch, a movement sensor or light sensor and a timer, all depending on your individual needs.

Solar smart glass can be tuned to precisely the right amount of light you want passing through your window either in your home or office. This glass can either switch in a manual or automatic way used to manage the amount of glare, heat or light transmitted on it, this includes technology such as the SPD light-control, which reduces the need for air conditioning during the summer and the heater during the winter. Switchable solar glass can, therefore, be seen as more cost-effective as well as energy efficient to regular glass.

The black-out smart glass is seen as the only glass that can offer privacy to its capacity. This product offers a unique distinctive state of clear (not 100% clear, to allow or film inter-layer), opaque, solar (tinted) and black-out. Black-Out smart glass also offers 99.4% visible light block and 100% UV protection which can be controlled by using a range of wall switches, timers, movement and light sensors or even remote-control usage. This type of glass is very beneficial when it comes to home cinemas for that romantic night in or a meeting room where on screen presentations are made to inspire those in the meeting.

As designers and architects explore the boundaries of switchable privacy glass, solar smart glass and Black-Out smart glass, it is expected that the market will continue to grow and expand into new innovative uses and turn normal conventional glass into something more!

Bianca Ernst