South Africa is one of the most diverse and enchanting countries in the world.
Exotic combinations of landscapes, people, history and its culture. The country is also a uniquely positioned spectrum that bargains a world-class business offering at a very competitive price.

The latest feature of the magazine Entrepreneur, featured Riaz Moola, the founder of Hyperion Development Company that was founded in 2012 as a freelance cooperative aimed at helping people to develop crucial computer science and coding skills. Hyperion Company now boasts a sustainable social enterprise that makes money while also doing well in the business market. Moola explained that South Africa has an expanse of operating opportunities that can afford a wide variety of opportunities for most entrepreneurs and companies that want to start a business.

Even though Riaz Company is based in the UK, his focus on doing business is in South Africa, he noticed that, unlike other countries, South Africa is one of the fewest countries where one can start up an Internet-based business and other enterprises with minimal financial resources, and without the burden cost of labour and rent. Moreover, South Africa is a country that holds quality knowledge of infrastructure needed to offer a world-class business service, and the cost of doing business is quite low.

For instance, one can start a tech business in Cape Town or Johannesburg, and have clients all over the world. Few people realise that South Africa is also one of the countries that compete on a global scale, which allows businesses to operate on a global stage. Amazon- the largest online retailer has a significant presence in Cape Town and does a lot of business from there, so there is no reason why South African companies can’t get funding from other related massive international operations. The success of Riaz Moola’s company allowed him to build solid contacts and get a better understanding of the global business landscape, which has opened Riaz Moola’s eyes to the opportunities that South Africa offers.

It is evident enough that South Africa does stand out in the business market, take no further look at the Franchise 2014 launch of RocoMamas, arguably one of the most successful new brands in South Africa’s restaurant industry and leader in fast casual dining. The restaurant was only founded in 2013, but it fast became one of the trendiest restaurants in South Africa. The Smash Burger franchise was launched by Brian Altriche, who has grown RocoMamas to 42 restaurants throughout the country and 1 international restaurant. Many customers will testify that once you’ve tasted a Smash burger, there’s no going back to ‘normal’ – something that RocoMamas prides itself in, which makes RocoMamas a winning and successful recipe in South Africa.

There is no need to underestimate the business opportunities South Africa affords, it’s not necessarily easy but it can be done.

Dineo Keebine