World’s 1st next generation digital identification technology created by Africa to combat identity theft.


In a post 9-11 world, mobile technology has contributed to identity theft globally and is now seen as the top white collar crime in the world. with that being said, this created an opportunity for a business called aiThenticate Computervision Labs to answer one of the most difficult but important questions of all time: “Who is someone actually?”

Although many authentication methods have been used such as; passwords and biometrics to identify someone, it all seemed to fail short in certain aspects. Seeing the gab, some of Africa’s leading computervisions scientists at the University of Johannesburg in partnership with aiThenticate Computervision Labs developed a world first technology code-named aiDX.

Engineered as the next generation authentication technology, aiDX, identifies customers at banks and various other places. This technology can furthermore help police to recognise criminals, unlike conventional biometrics such as irisprints, fingerprints, face-prints, and voiceprints, which is all based on geometry whereas aiThentication Computervision Labs uses deep science to answer the “who is someone actually” question. By using optimetric technology, aiDX can be deployed on any device that is equipped with a digital camera. This includes any mobile device from a smartphone to a tablet or even Android.

aiThenticate Computervision Labs uses algorithms that stimulates human cognition in order to determine or confirm the identity of any person on any mobile device with a standard build in camera, this led to a culmination of the next generation of authentication technology. “The human brain simply operates at a much deeper, far more advanced level than what is possible with conventional authentication methods. Extensive field tests have shown that, as the next generation authentication technology, aiDX eclipses, and in fact, surpasses the overall performance of conventional authentication methods by a factor of some 20x on average,” André L Immelman, CEO of aiThenticate Computervision Labs stated.

aiThenticate Computervision Labs tech features ensure liveliness integrity checks throughout using artificial intelligence by ensuring accuracy at a level not yet available anywhere else in the world at present. This technology will be launched next month.