Teen tackles Green efficiency – Param Jaggi


Steve Jobs once said that the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that actually do. Some of these fine young inventors such as the likes of Param Jaggi certainly live by this motto. Another example of an extraordinary luminary.

“It’s pretty hard to change the world if you don’t have a planet to live in.”
Param Jaggi born in Plano, Texas, is a brilliant inventor and the CEO of Hatch technologies. At the tender age of 12, Param Jaggi was sitting in the car watching the vehicle in front of them as emissions were coming out of the exhaust. After witnessing this Param thought, ‘why not take global pollution to the source itself?’

Looking into technology, Param realised that you can have a great technology or even great social and political movement, but if you don’t have air to breath or electricity to put on your lights, do you really have anything at all?

The project: Gas – CO2ube carbon filtration system. Drawing on an envelope to the real product, Param, created the greatest device that can fit directly on the exhaust of any emission source which reduces carbon dioxide in our atmosphere through photosynthesis of algae and acid based reproduction.
Basically, the device captures carbon dioxide using it as a process of photosynthesis, by use of algae and converts it into oxygen and biomass for algae solution. This amazing new product can be used on all vehicles from cars to motorbikes to even trucks, helping the world become a better place.

T. W Lynch, succinctly explains the process of the product in the following manner; “What makes the CO2ube so interesting is that it uses chemical processes to convert emitted CO2 into less harmful byproducts. It does this through two reactions.

The first is photosynthesis. Within the CO2ube filter is a series of strategically located plates. Each of these surfaces is covered in a proprietary strain of algae best suited for rapid photosynthesis, the products of which are oxygen and glucose (to sustain the algae)—and a much smaller amount of emitted CO2.

The device is inserted into the tailpipe of a vehicle.

Obviously, the CO2 emissions from a gas engine are too rapid for photosynthesis alone to handle. So the folks at Ecoviate introduced a second chemical reaction.The staggered placement of the above-mentioned plates also increases the surface area of emitted CO2; this acts as a coolant and turns much of the CO2 into aqueous CO2, or carbonic acid. Also embedded in the CO2ube filter is sodium hydroxide, with which the carbonic acid reacts to create sodium carbonate, which is harmless, neutral, and disposable.”

So far the only noted downside to this device is that it only lasts for 8-10 weeks, which would be a big determining factor as to whether or not consumers will buy into a product that needs to be replaced every few months, and with the increasing rate of petrol most customers will be so eco-friendly when it comes to extra expenditure.

However, this tops our list in terms of young innovators, finding solutions that change and impact the way we think and operate as a Nation. We salute you, Param Jaggi.