Eesha Khare – The young lady behind the super capacitor prototype


“My project is about super capacitors which are energy storage devices. These devices can store a lot of energy per unit volume. The capacitor I have developed using a special nanostructure…”

Eesha Khare (22), is an American student who graduated from Lynbrook High School in California. She was also a runner-up at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair which was held in Phoenix.

Eesha Khare is one of the most beautiful intellects of today’s generation, who invented the supercapacitor prototype which could be fully charged within 20 to 30 seconds tops. This capacitor can furthermore hold a charge longer than any other devices on the market. Under the influence of Dr Yat Li at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Eesha Khare designed synthesized and characterised a novel core-shell nanorod electrode with hydrogenated TiO2 (H-TiO2) core and polyaniline shell, fabricated into a flexible solid-state device.
Eesha Khare loves chemistry as well as biochemistry causing her to carry on exploring new ways to improve society through the joy of science.

The creation of the supercapacitor energy storage device, opened unimaginable doors to batteries that are able to charge cellphones in a matter of seconds, “Due to the design of the surfaces structure” (Khare 2013), She was able to seamlessly demonstrate a much higher capacitance than the next closest research. This is important because those previous capacitors do not offer anything near the energy density of Khare’s innovation.

This opens doors to charging large devices and even cars at really high speeds, as a young female engineer, Khare is yet another example of being a game changer in the technological industry.