Generation Z, the leaders of tomorrow.


It’s a new season. A new season to say goodbye to Generation Y (Millennials) and hello to our new faces. It’s difficult to grasp that such a big event is taking place, so let go and let Z’s.
Generation Z, gaining power as a consumer segment. Graphically driven, constantly multi-tasking and value instant feedback, this particular generation has no end to it. So what makes Generation Z tick and what can the leaders of today expect from them?

A survey conducted by Randstad and Morar stated that generation Z brings in new perspectives, while 84% of them aspire to leaders and shaping their own businesses. 60% of them stated that their loyalty stays within the current company they are working for, while 45% of the Z generation wants to be mentored and given feedback on a regular basis.

A study from the Society of Human Resources Management, 2016, stated that 77% of the next generation expect to work harder than the previous ones, causing that the majority of this generation witnessed how parents or even neighbours lost their jobs or belongings. Such an event can end up being life changing, forming and leading this generation into a strong work ethic individual.

Generation Z, despite being known as technology addicted, 53% of them still prefer to communicate in person with either colleagues, friends or family members. Generation Z is also known for being eco-friendly (trying to make the world a better place) and very cautious with money according to The Daily Telegraph. Millennials may be entitled, but what makes Generation Z more magnificent is that they are hyper aware of entitlement and working hard to forge their own paths.

Generation Z is always eager to teach themselves by watching lessons online (20%), read (32%) or work with friends on small projects or ideas. Although this can be placed on the positive characteristics, parents, on the other hand, would not understand as the conflict would break out amongst them for either not graphing what the child is trying to say.

As a result generation Z is proving that its fluency in the digital sphere is valuable while other generations struggle to understand how to effectively reach society throughout the world. This does not mean that generation Z has it all figured out. They would still need some guidance and mentoring as they start to find their way in the digital world. We are counting on you, generation Z, make us proud!