Ludwick Marishane – the youngest game changer in South Africa.


Skipping a shower saves around 80 litres of water and so does the Dry Bath gel – an innovative idea sparked by the business entrepreneur Ludwick Marishane.

Ludwick Marishane is one the youngest game changer in South Africa, from the Limpopo Province. Today he is one of South Africa’s rising generation after introducing the invention of a Bath- substitution gel called the Dry Bath Gel- a bath without water.

Dry- Bath Gel is a product that Marishane now produces through his company Headboy Industries. Based on his knowledge from living in poor communities, Ludwick made the decision to sell Dry Bath In individual packets rather than in bulk considering the struggles of the unprivileged. Around 5 billion people are without reliable access to water including those who still use the traditional bucket-bathing method, and according to his research it reveals that the lack of water in most parts of Africa result in Trachoma disease that is caused by the effect of not cleaning the face, this disease affects close to 350 million people and leaving them permanently blinded.

The Dry Bath gel provides a convenient hygiene solution to such related matters, the Gel does all the work of a bath without the need of water and works like an antibacterial lotion that it is odourless and biodegradable. The gel is easy to use by just snapping the package in half, then squeeze to deliver and apply its contents, moreover, it is gel proven to kill germs and bacteria on the body.

Marishane was still in High School when he thought of the Dry Bath Gel, within the period of six months the teenager developed the formula for the gel after high school Marishane received a Scholarship to study at the University of Cape Town where he used the resources available to continue his idea. His business plan won third place in a competition and used the Prize the money to create a sample of his product with the help of chemical engineer associates the sample worked and today, Dry Bath Gel and Headboy Industries are taking new heights.

The price of Dry Bath Gel is estimated to sell for R10 per sachet available in 15ml sachets, 90% of the product is sold online to the export market (60% to the USA) cent in developing countries and is also purchased by corporate customers such as airlines and hotels.

Marishane holds a Bachelor of Business Science, majoring in Financial Accounting at the University of Cape Town (UCT). His innovation holds numerous accolades, that includes the following: In 2011, he was rated the best student entrepreneur in the world, in the same year Google named him as one of the 12 Brightest Young minds in the world, He was one of the 5 African nominees for the inaugural MTV Base Leadership Award at the 2014 MAMAS and was also a recent First Runner-up in the category of Science, Technology and Innovation at the 2017 South African Youth Awards.