Aura Teen – Technological Solution


Aura Teen is an online platform which educates teenagers about sex by raising awareness about the health risks and diseases, this innovation is inspired by the 18- year old Asha Abbas from Tanzania.

Growing up, Asha Abbas noticed that many young Tanzanians were not getting adequate sex education and as a result many Tanzanian teenagers face the challenge of being ill-informed, where young Tanzanian women fall prey to having sex at an early age- where it can double the risk of developing cervical cancer, even statistics show that every hour 2 to 5 girls in Tanzania under 18 years of age, become mothers or are at risk of becoming pregnant or infected with HIV because they do not have the information to know how to protect themselves and to stop prevent this.

Asha’s online platform venture has made many impactful strides and has reduced the risks that that statists show. The Development and implementation of online platform is available to use and it provides information from sex education to relationships and it also provides teens solutions by giving them online counselling services. There are topic discussions, Teens can ask questions, chat and talk to the available peer educators directly online.

The online platform presently employs 10 people, her website pulls in over a hundred questions on a regular, and annually she hosts two seminars, drawing youth and health practitioners from far and near. Her seminars bring in over 100 participants. They provide counselling services both online and in person, working with medical practitioners and youth experts to educate about STDs and other sexually related topics such as cervical cancer.

Asha Abbas is also a programmer and loves coding. She is a student at Kibasila Secondary School, where she initially developed this project. Asha intends to expand all over Tanzania, reaching out to over 100,000 teenagers in the next five years. She plans on achieving this by creating interesting youth magazines and establishing a confidential sms response system, increasing the access to sex education among many young people.

She is a future trainer on an NGO Apps and Girls in secondary schools which operates to maintain and sustain health risks in the community.  She also became one of the 2016 Finalists for Africa’s Leading Youth Entrepreneurship Award – the Anzisha Prize.

“Through my project, many teenagers are making wiser decisions knowing the risks, the effects, and how to protect themselves from different sexual health issues.” – Asha Abbas.