Get To Know The Construction Incubator Entrepreneurs: Mlungisi Kasinde



The candidates who’ve been placed in the Construction Input Incubation Programme have been greatly impacted thus far, and are currently in the technical training phase of the project. One of the entrepreneurs, Mlungisi Kasinde has a few sentiments to share. Get to know our entrepreneur, Mlungisi, and his company.

Mlungisi is a 40-year-old entrepreneur from Bekkersdal. His company is Ra Itirela Projects which has been in operation for 4 years and caters for ceiling installation, renovation, tiling, general building, carpentry and plumbing. Ra Itirela Projects was established in 2013 and currently employs 10 contractors. The enterprise has had clients such as Westonaria Muslim Church, The Bekkersdal Nutritional Center and Roshnee in Veerening.

Mlungisi was inspired to start his own business because he felt that he had gathered enough experience to be his own boss and looking at the situation of unemployment that his community is facing he wanted to help by creating jobs and giving them employment opportunities that better their lives. Mlungisi has a passion for carpentry and helping people achieve their dreams.  He applied for the program because he wanted to gain the relevant training and skills in order to be a successful businessman as he feels that he still needs more training in order to fulfill his goal in the construction business.

If you are interested in Mlungisi’s business and would like to get hold of him, send your contact details to