We are easing into the Summer months here in Sub-Saharan Africa and the one thing we all don’t look forward to is our little irritating friends called Mosquitoes! They are definitely the bane of our existence as soon as the heat strikes.

Fortunately, technology has come to our rescue with the latest invention called, Bite Helper this is a pen designed to work on itch and irritation caused. Reading this you might be thinking, well what is the point if I can preventative measures, however sadly enough we all know that even when you douse yourself with various repellents, never really works out as expected. You do wake up to a few bites here and there.

How does it work?

You place the BITE HELPER Thermo-Pulse metal tip directly on the affected area.
Activate BITE HELPER by pressing the ON button.

Thermo-Pulse-Technology™ delivers Concentrated Heat & Vibration to the affected area increasing localized blood flow and circulation – neutralizing and soothing the itch in seconds!

BITE HELPER utilizes Thermo-Pulse-Technology™ that delivers heat and vibration to the affected area increasing circulation and localized blood flow. BITE HELPER is drug and chemical free.

This product isn’t in anyway intended to replace medical treatment. If you want to grab yourself a Bite Helper you can get more information from; www.bitehelper.com

Media source: www.bitehelper.com