Get To Know The Construction Input Incubatees : Biebie Hayman


The candidates who’ve been placed in the Construction Input Incubation Programme have been greatly impacted to this point, and have recently proceeded to the technical training phase. One of the entrepreneurs, Regina Biebie Hayman has a few sentiments to share. Get to know our entrepreneur, Biebie and her company.

Biebie is a 27 year old entrepreneur from Westonaria who founded the company Tefo Tau Trading & Enterprise which focuses on renovations, general building and plastering. Tefo Tau Trading and Enterprise was established in 2013 and works with up to 10 contractors. The enterprise has had clients such as Anglo Ashanti and Richard Hayman Bou Konstruksie. Biebie and her husband started their company because they wanted to assist their community and wanted to be in a field that they were both familiar with. Biebie’s interest in the construction industry was influenced by her father’s business and has since acquired training and experience in the construction field. With her husband also qualified and experienced in the respective field, they saw it fit to venture into the construction field through Tefo Tau Trading & Enterprise. Their emphasis is on development, good customer services and the passion that drives them to assist their community. Biebie is passionate about developing employment, establishing a positive reputation and securing ample finances for upcoming projects. She applied for the Construction Input Incubation Programme seeking management guidance, technical assistance and the opportunity to manufacture good quality products in order to assist her company’s expansion and create more employment.

If you are interested in Biebie’s business and would like to get hold of her, send your contact details to