Construction Input Incubation Programme Incubatees experience manufacturing training during Technical Phase


Nunnovation Africa Foundation (NAF) has established a one of a kind programme to develop and support entrepreneurs in the construction input manufacturing sector. The ‘Construction Input Incubation Programme’ is targeted at the Merafong and Rand West communities in Gauteng’s West Rand. Now in the midst of the technical training phase, this exciting initiative is gradually changing the lives of entrepreneurs and their communities in the region.


The technical phase of the Contruction Input Incubation Programme involves product manufacturing from specific streams, namely, paint, carpentry/wood, steel and cement. The goal is to support the businesses until they are capacitated to undertake a greater volume and level of manufacturing construction material. The incubatees are undergoing the process of learning abilities such as the ability to articulate their own vision for the future of their company and will soon be able to resource themselves accordingly.


The incubatees are ecstatic about this learning process and have already begun improving their businesses with the skills they have learned thus far. One of the incubatees who have been greatly impacted by the Construction Input Incubation Programme is Yandisa Phele, the owner of the company Zenande Bricks Primary.


Yandisa’s company, which was established in 2014, focuses on civil and housing construction. Zenande Bricks Primary has had clients such as KPA and Naledi Trading. Yandisa started her company to create jobs and alleviate poverty in her community, hoping to leave a legacy for her children as well. Yandisa dreams of building a shelter for abused woman and children, the entrepreneur is passionate about education and bringing hope to change children’s lives. Yandisa applied for this program so that she could obtain assistance in achieving some of her dreams for her business by learning product manufacturing so she can expand the company’s offerings. The entrepreneur hopes this will help her make a change in people’s lives.


Nunnovation has several empowerment programmes aimed at equipping historically disadvantaged individuals from various communities with industry specific skills across industries. The Construction Input Incubation Programme is geared to develop small businesses in manufacturing steel, paint, cement and carpentry products.


Funded by various organisations including Sibanye Stillwater PTY (Ltd) and the Department of Small Business Development, the vision for the programme is to elevate entrepreneurs beyond mere survivalist modes of operation to sustainable black owned manufacturing enterprises. This project is aimed at boosting the local economy of Westonaria and surrounding areas. The main objective is to develop specialised manufacturing technology driven products that will give them a competitive advantage in the market.


Should your business have an interest in joining this ground-breaking programme, get in touch on email to and we will get back to you.


About the Nunnovation Africa Foundation

Nunnovation Africa Foundation is a registered and reputable Non-Profit Company that operates across the African continent to capacitate disadvantaged communities with access to innovative technology and resources that would lead to socio-economic transformation within their communities.