South Africa needs more skilled Labourers!


To every start of the year, there is a looming reminder, that tells us all that we need to “get our act together” in various aspects of our lives. For newly graduated learners, its securing new employment, for School leavers its finally coming to terms with “What is it exactly that, I want to pursue?”. The reality of our Millennials who have had the privilege of graduating is realizing that all that glitters and gold is ultimately not so worthy of attention, and this is in reference to the saturated market of what one would call “popular job streams”.

In South Africa today, there is a staggering shortfall of 40 000 qualified artisans, and only producing 13 000 qualified artisans per annum. it may not be a glamorous career; however, it comes with some great benefits within the first year. Any young person, considering a career as an artisan has quicker access to full-time employment and a chance of apprenticeship with a company, in their first year of graduating.

All artisans are guaranteed formal employment in their graduating year, with an earning potential of R20 000 to R25 000* per month, Low-income households should encourage their children who are naturally inclined to working with their hands to send their children to Vocational Schools, where such talent will be given attention.

To give more insight into what the career entails, Artisans are highly skilled in working with their hands, the work is primarily focused in the technical field, doing skilled manual labour.

In order to pursue this particular career, you will need to firstly, you will need to attend a TVET College in your area; the minimum requirements for admission are as follows:
– Must achieve a minimum of 40% for mathematics (excludes Math Literacy)
– A Grade 9 level or National Certificate level 2 pass

Training programmes include components such as Mathematics, Science, drawing or technical language to a specific trade. Once the student passes the Trade Test in a chosen field, one will become a nationally recognised artisan.

For more information on reputable Colleges and Job search websites; please visit the websites below;

Siefsa Training Centre
Ekuruleni Artisan Skills and Training Centre
Cesa School of Consulting Engineering
Skills College Development and Training
Artisan Training Institute
World of Artisan
Artisan Development Academy (Based in Durban)

*Amount subject to change based on inflation rates