Selfish-ish – Mental Health questions that equal Happiness goals!


The title sounds like one of those kumbaya sessions that only lonely people attend right? Self-love is the cousin of selfish, and selfish people live longer. But why by selfish when you can just exercise self-love?. We all need to exercise good mental health practices, what we allow our minds to consume, requires a positive outlet to ensure we choose a path to happiness.

It has come to light that a vast majority of people suffer from depression. This opens the conversation, How do you practice Self-Love?

Questions you need to ask yourself as an entrepreneur;

1. Am I happy?
Passion leads to happiness… Are you truly fulfilled and constantly driven to fight for the things you want out of life? Your happiness must come first. Rid yourself of negative energy.

2. Is saying “No” a burden?
We all struggle to say “No” this is a pleasing habit, we learnt to pick up as children. One needs to break that cycle and allow yourself to live your best life. Yes, you will feel like an evil person at first but in the long run, it would have been beneficial to you and others. Come on say it with me “NO”!

3. Is this worth my time?
We have all heard the line “if you do this service for free I will give you a lot of exposure”. Invested time should return as monetary value. If you have a key expertise in business, own your self-worth and be unapologetic. The right clients and people will surround you and give you the much-needed exposure.

Mental health in business and personal life, it is best to always trust your instinct. Seek the best advice and take a different direction. Always listen to your gut.

Jack Ma, the Founder of Alibaba, once shared, how as a job seeker, he was rejected more times than he could ever count, even in positions he least expected it. Instead, he chose to see it as a learning curve and kept persevering, today he is not just a billionaire, his company made 25.3 billion dollars in… wait for it… just 24 hours in 2017.

Alibaba, an e-commerce company went on the biggest online sale during Black Friday, Imagine had he not taken the risk and allowed the rejection, to impact his perseverance.

So on a journey to start self-love, free yourself of any inhibitions and embrace life. Two things could happen, you can succeed or you can learn, either way, do it well and don’t hold back. Believe in yourself, the world will catch up eventually.

Ngwako Ramohlale