The Refreshed Domestly


Over the last 6 months Domestly has been hard at working making some big changes and
improvements to their service, not only for the customer but also to improve the lives of their cleaners, or Home Heroes as they like to call them. In the last 6 months, Domestly has managed to raise a large round of funding from the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) to aid in upscaling the business and creating more jobs, they have undergone a fresh new facelift, improved their offering to a subscription based, weekly cleaning model, launched in KwaZulu Natal and even more excitingly, added some new value-added services to their platform.

With securing their latest round of funding the brand decided to step it up a level by moving towards a subscription-based business model and moving away from their previous on-demand offering.

“We noticed that most of our client base would log on at the beginning of every month and
book the same days every week with the same cleaner. There was a strong pattern of subscription-based behaviour already happening, so we decided to make it a lot more simple and easier for our customers so that there was no need for them to log on weekly or monthly to remember to book” says Marketing Manager, Natasha Riley. With Domestly’s new subscription offering customers can set up a weekly schedule, choosing their preferred days, time slots and Home Hero. The cleaning cycle then automatically repeats itself on a weekly basis until the customer edits or terminates their schedule. There is no lock in contracts and customers can edit their schedule or change their Home Hero on a weekly basis, if needed. Customers are also able to skip an individual booking without it affecting their recurring schedule thereafter.

This strategic shift from on-demand to weekly scheduling was made not only to provide more convenience and reliability for their customers but also to provide more job security for many of their Home Heroes. This change not only allows for their Home Heroes to budget for transport and plan their week but also takes the unease out of not knowing when their next booking may be. “This change has allowed us to have more control over bookings, customer service and the experience each customer receives in their home on an operational level. Since the change we have been able to provide a much better service offering and build stronger relationships with our clients and Home Heroes alike.” Says, Berno Potgieter, CEO.

Moreover, in terms of skills development, Domestly has also launched its own in-house cleaner training academy. Domestly Home Heroes are trained on financial literacy basics such as budgeting, use of technology, communication, professionalism and are encouraged to develop confidence in the workplace – very different to the overlooked and unempowered traditional position of domestic workers in South Africa. The training is done in-house and is run by their skilled training team who have extensive hospitality grade experience in cleaning, communications, and professionalism.


“We want to create joy in every home we touch by not only creating a spotless cleaning experience but by allowing our customers to try out new and exciting household products in the comfort of their own, clean, homes.” says, Natasha Riley, Marketing Manager

Domestly now services the great Western Cape, Johannesburg and KwaZulu Natal
Domestly recently launched their service offering in KZN. First launched in 2015 in Cape Town, followed by Johannesburg in mid-2016 and then Durban towards the end of 2017, Domestly is fast taking South Africa by storm. They plan to expand further into SA this year before taking their service internationally.