Rose Twine: Founder and Innovator of the Eco Stove


Rose Twine is a Ugandian born innovator, that has really put Africa on the map with her Eco Stove. Not only can we celebrate the fact that she is a Black Woman leading within the Innovation, Technology industry but she is changing African lives with a simple solution. She was inspired to create this product because of the growing challenges of cooking in developing countries due to lack of electricity.

Africa, unfortunately, is still lagging behind in terms of providing access to electricity throughout the most remote areas in our continent and in essence, most of our methods are largely dependent on coal energy, which would supply certain nations.
However, with the advancement of Technology, we have seen various types of renewable energy such as;

Solar: This form of energy relies on the nuclear fusion power from the core of the Sun. This energy can be collected and converted in a few different ways.

Wind power: The movement of the atmosphere is driven by differences in temperature at the Earth’s surface due to varying temperatures of the Earth’s surface when lit by sunlight. Wind energy can be used to pump water or generate electricity but requires extensive areal coverage to produce significant amounts of energy.

What is unique about Rose Twine, through her company Eco Group LTD, they were able to develop a product, which is driven by the desire to reduce the carbon footprint and reduce the cost of cooking.

The Eco-Stove comes with special stones mined in Goma, DR Congo, which have a special capacity to produce and retain heat for up to eight hours non-stop and can be topped up after two years since they eventually shrink. The stones have been tested and certified by Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) and Uganda Industrial Research Institute (UIRI). The stove is mainly dark green, made up of galvanised metal sheets, a fan, clay liner, insulation pumice and vermiculite; this is a yellow/brown found as an alteration product of mica, which can be used for insulation or as a moisture-retentive medium and you receive a solar kit.

The Stove also comes in three different sizes, her aim was to create a stove that not only cooks but also solves day-to-day problems. Twine goes on to say that: “The stoves help in waste management because waste is used in making briquettes which are used as fire starters and reduce challenges of fire ignition in grass-thatched houses,”

Today, Eco Group has garnered huge success in Uganda, which have opened the clientele base, which now extends to schools, ministers and some corporate companies. Moreover, Eco Group continues its research and development in order to develop three other models that are more energy-saving and affordable to consumers.

Image Source: CNN