Eco-Living: Not just a fancy idea but a necessity for the Planet


The world is an amazing place; the 24-hour cycle is such a spectacular order of events you miss most of it while going about your probably busy life. April 22nd is Earth Day and since we don’t celebrate this wonder we get to call home, this day is meant for us to take time and effort to appreciate and preserve it.

To give you a cheat sheet on how to do your bit for the planet, we have 5 activities for you to do on Earth day or every day.

  1. A Home Energy Audit

Whether you use a light switch, gas or a manual paraffin stove to power up the source is still fossil fuels which are on the diminishing side on the planet and inadvertently releasing unnecessary greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. Carefully monitor your usage of energy sources and unplug some appliances and limit your usage where necessary.


  1. Plant a Tree

Look across the horizon, and take a deep breath. Now do you know that that deep breath was possible because of plants? Plants are the main creators of oxygen in the atmosphere through the process of photosynthesis. Therefore, plants clean our atmosphere as they absorb carbon dioxide when releasing oxygen. There are rising numbers of factories that emit carbons that pollute oxygen and consequently harming the atmosphere and ozone layer, so to keep the air fresh, plant a tree – It could save your life and beautify any garden!


  1. Communal Travel

In South Africa, as of February 2017 there were 12 027 860 registered vehicles with 65% of that being motor cars. With carbon emissions on the rise, some governments around the world have introduced carbon tax as an extreme means to change consumer behaviours and stimulate investor appetite to shift towards low carbon options. Unless you want to pay more tax than you already do, use public transport, join a lift club or even cycle.


  1. Veggie Patch

Your nearest Farmer’s Market will certainly offer you the variety of fruits and vegetables that you enjoy at till point speed but would you consider growing your own small selection of veggies and herbs or maybe even a fruit tree or two should you have enough space in your yard? A herb garden can be the size of a crate and there are lots of other creative ways to grow fresh produce in limited space environments. Try it and enjoy the fruit of your labour.


  1. Recycle

The culture of recycling is being entrenched in society and methods are getting more varied. From the ubiquitous red, green and yellow bins in malls, corporate events and office spaces to using your soda cans for your child’s school projects, every bit makes a difference. It is not just the municipal garbage disposal’s responsibility; we are all accountable as responsible citizens of Planet Earth.

In case you missed it, the next solar eclipse (Partial) will occur on July 13, 2018; the last solar eclipse (Partial) occurred on February 15, 2018.

In the not so distant future an eclipse predicted to occur on May 20, 2050, will be the second hybrid eclipse in the span of less than one year, the first one being on November 25, 2049. So if you would like you, your children and children’s children to see it without a layer of smog covering your view, do your part in taking care of the Earth – Mars is not ready for us yet.

By Zandile Mabena