Q-Bot, an insulating robot that warms up your home


7 billion citizens on this beautiful earth, it is the responsibility of each and every one
of us to ensure we take care of this planet that is housing us all. We see policy
makers taking “going green” seriously and putting heavy penalties on countries and
organisations that play a negative role is destroying this planet. World leaders,
celebrities, big brands and individuals are taking it upon themselves to raise
awareness about the dangers of climate change and encouraging people to come up
with workable solutions to avoid the threat that is global warming.

It is exciting to see what innovative solutions have been coming out over the past
decade, going green is no longer just a conference title in places like Copenhagen, it
is now a way of life. Mathew Holloway has created A robot called Q-Bot that:

  • reduces draughts (40%)
  • reduces energy bills
  • reduces temperature stratification (warm feet)

Q-Bot provides robotic services to the built environment that allow tasks to be carried
out more easily, cheaply, safely and effectively than is currently possible with
existing practices.  The patent-pending technology and process empowers
operators, helping them to become more efficient and productive.  It enables
construction companies to offer new services to clients and can help contractors swiftly improve the energy efficiency of buildings, reducing heating costs and making
them more comfortable for occupants.

Q-Bot’s initial application is retrofitting insulation to UK buildings at a fraction of the
current cost, with none of the hassle of traditional methods.  In this process, a robot
intelligently applies insulation under floors, an environment which, until now, has
been inaccessible for human operatives without prohibitive disruption and expense.

Mathew is the Managing Director of Q-Bot where he leads the development and
commercialization of innovative robotics technologies for the construction industry.
He has 8 years’ previous experience as a founder of two previous high tech start-
ups where he turned his ideas into desirable products.

Mathew’s innovation is exemplary that you can create innovative solutions that have
a positive to not only your pocket but also friendly to our beautiful earth. Who would
have thought underfloor heating was playing a role in deterring the earth, I give
Mathew and his team a thumbs up for this solutions.

By Ngwako Ramohlale