Transportation Hacks for Travellers

In South Africa, travelling between two cities and transportation, in general, can be the greatest upheaval in one’s daily life. As of late, there are various forms of transportation one can choose from, such as, Taxis, Buses, Gautrain, Uber, Meter taxi, which may sound like a large variety but the importance of accessibility comes to play.
The commute between Pretoria and Johannesburg
Finally, after a number of years we have access to Gautrain, although it may be as expansive as the American, London, and Paris subway system, it sure does take the pressure of sitting on the N1 (both directions) for two hours, when a trip normally only takes 30 minutes. Today the Gautrain connects all major tourists attractions all the way into the suburbs of both cities.   

Since South Africa is decades behind to even coming close to some first world counterparts, there other interesting ways of travelling outside of sunny, friendly and eccentric South Africa.
In the UK, you are able to equip yourself with the Oyster card, South Korea’s T-Money card, and Japan’s Suica card; these are a transport cards/passes, which easily doubles up as a discount and cashless transport pass for visitors in the country. This saves you the trouble of carrying various documents and cash. The idea around preloaded cards is to eliminate the sheer disorientation of trying to navigate a subway and trying to understand different electronic systems, especially if they are in a foreign language. A huge bonus is that these cards can be used at selected dining and shopping outlets, and even at some vending machines. They can even be used the moment you touch down, which saves you the trouble of additional funds top-ups.
As a traveller always ask for freebies
Most times we too shy to ask but if you tried you could find that tourists have the perks of eating at discounted rates or get free travelling items. From maps and guides to a variety of other informative pamphlets or brochures, freebies like these can actually help you realise what you are missing out on, or show you some guided instructions that prove to a better route than what you had in mind.
Did you know Limousine buses were an option when travelling?
Most times when you consider airport shuttle, the first thing that comes to mind is a taxi or shuttle from the hotel if they have one available.
If you travelling to Japan or Korea, you will have the pleasure of experiencing luxury limousine buses like Korea’s KAL Limousine Bus and Japan’s Kansai Airport Limousine Bus and Tokyo NRT/HND Airport Limousine Bus. This comes as a better option than using a train since the bus stops at major city points, which most times is right in front of a hotel.
Lastly, the most important hack, which is not attributed to transportation is keeping connected! In most countries today, you can easily connect via Wifi, which totally eliminates the trouble of searching for a new sim card and if you cant find available wifi, most restaurants are happy to give you a passcode as a patron.
With this new found knowledge, going on holiday will be seamless and fun, putting your mind at ease.