PRETORIA, July 3, 2018​ — In the last week of youth month, Nunnovation Africa Foundation joined hands
with South Africa’s biggest telecommunications provider, Telkom, through their CSI arm – Telkom
Foundation. This collaboration was in support of the initiative “Adopt a Project” where leaders from
Telkom choose and manage initiatives close to their hearts.
Head of the Telkom Foundation, Sarah Mthintso, chose her former Primary School, Khatlamping
Primary School as her “Adopt A Project”. Together with Nunnovation Africa Foundation, Telkom
Foundation taught 20 female learners how to code in just one week. Mthintso said, “I am very delighted
to be here because this is actually where my education started. I did my grade one here, and my entire
primary schooling was here, so it is very heart-warming for me to come back and talk to children who sit
where I once sat and who, in my view, deserve the opportunities that other people outside are giving”
stated Sarah Mthintso after the conclusion of the project.
Khatlamping Primary School is situated in Tembisa, a large township in the East Rand, Gauteng, South
Africa. The school is located in an environment surrounded by informal settlements and poverty, stated
the Deputy Principal, Tebogo Mofokeng, “What Telkom has done for these kids cannot be measured.
Telkom has made it possible for the kids who were seeing computer programmes for the first time to be
able to use them within a week and to create their own apps! That’s a step in the right direction,
especially for our school to make sure that the community around the school is aware of computers.
They can use computers, alleviate poverty by getting employment, by getting educated, and change their
own lives.”
The project focused on teaching girls in particular how to code, some of which have never touched
laptops before. The group started off writing the individual goals they would like to meet by the end of
the week, and then classes commenced. The learners were introduced to PC and Microsoft Office before
the real work started. They then learned about MIT App Inventor, Scratch and developed their apps and
games, which were presented to a panel of judges at the end of the programme.
Over and above becoming coders, it was wonderful to see the learners’ overall progress in computer
literacy and problem-solving skills. It was immensely rewarding to have students express their gratitude
for this opportunity, with the Deputy Principal stating, “We’re hoping that with the partnership that has
started with Telkom we can continue and sustain the programme. From the school’s side, we are saying
thank you but also pledging that we are very much committed to making sure that our learners are
computer literate and they will be success stories in the future.”
Mthintso was pleased with the project she adopted stating that introducing technology to the girls was
something very close to her heart as she works for a leading telecommunications company. “I think that
these young people deserve to be introduced and to be empowered with access to technology because
with technology there is so much that they can do,” she concluded.
Telkom Foundation works to improve learners’ performance in mathematics, science, technology and
English, subjects that are core to Telkom’s industry and also to South Africa’s sustained economic
With the company’s collaboration with Nunnovation, this was yet another successful programme for the

Nunnovation Africa Foundation is a registered and reputable Non-Profit Company that operates across
the African continent to capacitate disadvantaged communities with access to innovative technology and
resources that would lead to socio-economic transformation within their communities.